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WD Red Pro 22TB Review

In the realm of network-attached storage (NAS), the launch of a new hard drive, especially one with a hefty 22TB capacity, is cause for meticulous examination. Lyle Smith has done just that with his detailed review of the WD Red Pro 22TB hard drive. Below, I delve into Smith’s analysis, offering my own insights and adding a creative twist by presenting a comparison table.

Review at a Glance

Lyle Smith opens with an introduction to the purpose-built nature of the WD Red Pro drives, explaining their suitability for medium or large-scale business environments and heavy workloads. His focus on the 22TB model is timely, considering the ever-growing data needs of organizations.

NASware 3.0 Technology – A Game Changer?

Smith spotlights NASware 3.0 technology, and rightfully so. This technology is pivotal in enhancing the drive’s performance and reliability in NAS environments, offering seamless integration and robust data protection. From a user’s perspective, it’s a reassurance that their investment is shielded against the typical pitfalls of NAS-related operations.

Balancing Act: Performance and Protection

The article doesn’t skimp on the technicalities of protection mechanisms, such as the multi-axis shock sensor and dynamic fly height technology. These are critical in preventing data loss, particularly in larger NAS setups that Smith rightfully emphasizes.

A Power Consumption Paradox?

Smith notes the higher power consumption of the 22TB model. It’s a nuanced trade-off: higher capacity drives consume more power, but fewer drives are needed to meet storage demands. Smith’s pragmatic take here is appreciated; he acknowledges the reality while hinting at the bigger picture of long-term savings.

Benchmarked Performance

Through Smith’s benchmarks, including comparisons with the WD Gold 22TB drive, we receive quantitative backing to the drive’s performance claims. His thorough testing methodology lends credence to the review, painting a comprehensive picture of what businesses can expect.

Personal Insights and Creative Spin

Upon reflecting on Smith’s review, it becomes evident that the WD Red Pro 22TB is more than a storage solution; it’s a commitment to NAS efficiency and endurance. His assessment, rich in technical detail, is also accessible, guiding potential buyers with clarity.

The Competition

In juxtaposing the WD Red Pro 22TB with its familial predecessors and competitors like the WD Gold, Smith presents a holistic view. It’s like comparing different breeds of workhorses, each with unique traits suitable for specific terrains.

Comparison Table: WD Red Pro 22TB vs. Its Kin and Competition

To encapsulate Smith’s findings and extend them further, I’ve compiled a comparison table that contrasts the WD Red Pro 22TB against its kin and the WD Gold 22TB.

FeatureWD Red Pro 22TBWD Red Pro 18TBWD Gold 22TB
Transfer Rate265MB/s272MB/s265MB/s
Power ConsumptionHigherModerateComparable
NAS OptimizationNASware 3.0NASware 3.0Enterprise
Workload Rate300TB/year300TB/year550TB/year
Warranty5 years5 years5 years
Designed Environment24×7 NAS24×7 NASEnterprise


Smith concludes affirmatively on the WD Red Pro 22TB, advocating for its place in data-heavy, continuous-operation environments. I echo this sentiment, recognizing the drive’s capacity and technology as assets in an era where data is paramount.

In summary, Lyle Smith’s review is a comprehensive dissection of the WD Red Pro 22TB HDD’s capabilities. It provides the kind of in-depth analysis that IT decision-makers need. From my perspective, Smith has not only illuminated the drive’s technical prowess but also shed light on its operational niche—a feat that speaks to the heart of tech enthusiasts and enterprise users alike.

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