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Hitachi E790: The Ultimate Guide

Introduction to Hitachi E790

The Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E790 (VSP Hitachi E790) is a state-of-the-art storage solution designed for modern data infrastructures. As businesses grow and data demands increase, the need for reliable, scalable, and efficient storage systems becomes critical. The VSP E790, with its advanced features and capabilities, promises to meet these needs by offering a robust and flexible storage platform.

Hitachi E790 Expansion Block

This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the Hitachi VSP E790. Readers will gain insight into the unique features and benefits of the VSP Hitachi E790 and understand how it stands out in the competitive market of data storage solutions. The following sections will delve into the technical specifications, pricing, customer reviews, and detailed guides on how to purchase the VSP E790. For businesses looking to upgrade their data infrastructure, this article serves as an essential resource for making an informed decision.

  • Why the Hitachi VSP E790?: The VSP E790 is not just another storage system; it’s a solution designed with the future in mind. It offers unparalleled performance, reliability, and scalability that midsize enterprises require in the ever-evolving digital landscape.
  • What to Expect: As we navigate through the comprehensive guide, we will explore the intricate details of the VSP E790’s features and benefits, understand its technical makeup, and learn how it can transform data infrastructure for businesses. This article is tailored to equip potential buyers with all the necessary information to make a well-informed decision about purchasing the Hitachi VSP E790.

In the subsequent sections, we will dive deeper into the overview, technical specifications, pricing, customer reviews, and purchasing guide of the Hitachi VSP E790, providing a detailed and structured analysis of this advanced storage platform. Stay tuned to uncover how the VSP E790 can be the game-changer for your data infrastructure needs.

Overview of Hitachi VSP E790

The Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E790 (VSP Hitachi E790) is a testament to Hitachi’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of data storage. This section provides a detailed overview of the VSP E790’s features and benefits and how it caters to the dynamic needs of midsize enterprises.

Hitachi E790 Features and Benefits

  • Performance: At the heart of the VSP E790 is its exceptional performance capabilities. It is designed to handle the most demanding data workloads, offering high-speed data processing and transfer rates that ensure your business operations run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Scalability: One of the standout features of the VSP E790 is its scalability. As your business grows, so do your data needs. The VSP E790 can scale seamlessly, ensuring that you have ample storage capacity and performance without the need for constant hardware upgrades.
  • Reliability: The VSP E790 is built with reliability in mind. It features robust data protection and disaster recovery options, ensuring that your critical data is safe and recoverable in any scenario. This peace of mind is invaluable for businesses operating in today’s data-centric world.
  • Efficiency: With energy-saving technologies and advanced data management features, the VSP E790 is not only powerful but also efficient. It optimizes storage utilization and reduces power consumption, leading to lower operational costs.

Transforming Data Infrastructure

The Hitachi VSP E790 is more than just a storage system; it’s a solution that transforms your data infrastructure. With its advanced features, it enables businesses to:

  • Manage Data Growth: As data volumes continue to explode, the VSP Hitachi E790 provides a scalable solution that grows with your needs, ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve.
  • Improve Performance: With the VSP E790, businesses can experience a significant performance boost, making data-intensive applications run faster and more efficiently.
  • Enhance Data Protection: The VSP E790 comes with robust security features that protect against data loss and ensure business continuity.
  • Reduce Costs: Through its efficiency and scalability, the VSP Hitachi E790 helps reduce total cost of ownership, delivering a powerful storage solution that makes financial sense.

In the world of data storage, the Hitachi E790 stands out with its innovative approach to meeting the complex needs of modern businesses. Its ability to deliver high performance, scalability, reliability, and efficiency makes it a compelling choice for midsize enterprises looking to upgrade their data infrastructure. As we delve further into the technical specifications and customer reviews in the following sections, the exceptional qualities of the Hitachi E790 will become even more apparent.

By considering the Hitachi E790, businesses are not just investing in a storage system; they’re investing in a future-proof solution that will drive growth and innovation for years to come. For more insights into how the VSP Hitachi E790 can support your data infrastructure, explore the new offerings to support data infrastructure needs of midsized enterprises.

Hitachi E790 Specs

Diving deeper into the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E790 (VSP E790), it’s essential to understand the technical specifications that make it a top-tier storage solution. This section will break down the hardware components and their functions, providing a clear picture of what the VSP E790 offers in terms of technology and performance.

Hardware Components

  • Processor Power: The VSP E790 is equipped with high-performance processors that are capable of handling multiple tasks simultaneously. This ensures swift data processing and responsiveness, even under heavy workloads.
  • Memory and Cache: With a substantial amount of cache memory, the VSP Hitachi E790 can store frequently accessed data, significantly speeding up data retrieval times and improving overall system performance.
  • Storage Media: The VSP E790 utilizes All-flash NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) technology, which provides faster data transfer rates and reduced latency compared to traditional SSDs. This technology is crucial for businesses that require quick access to large volumes of data.
  • Connectivity Options: The system offers a range of connectivity options, including Fibre Channel and iSCSI, allowing for flexible integration into existing network infrastructures and ensuring compatibility with a variety of systems and applications.

Functionality and Performance

  • Virtual Storage Layer: The VSP Hitachi E790 operates with a virtual storage layer that abstracts physical storage and allows for more efficient data management and allocation. This feature ensures optimal use of storage resources and simplifies administration.
  • Data Protection and Security: The system includes comprehensive data protection features such as snapshots, replication, and encryption, safeguarding data against loss and unauthorized access.
  • Advanced Management Features: The VSP Hitachi E790 comes with advanced management tools that provide real-time monitoring, analytics, and automation capabilities, enabling administrators to optimize performance and anticipate potential issues before they impact operations.
  • Power consumption: Despite its powerful capabilities, the VSP E790 is designed with energy efficiency in mind. It incorporates various technologies to reduce power consumption and cooling requirements, contributing to lower operational costs and a smaller environmental footprint.

Hitachi VSP e790 datasheet

ModelHitachi VSP E790
Storage TypeAll-flash NVMe storage system
ProcessorHigh-performance processors
MemoryScalable cache memory
Storage CapacityScalable up to multiple petabytes
PerformanceLow latency and high throughput
ConnectivityFibre Channel, iSCSI
Data ProtectionSnapshots, replication, encryption
VirtualizationAdvanced virtual storage layer
E790 Power ConsumptionEnergy-saving technologies
Management ToolsReal-time monitoring, analytics, and automation
ScalabilitySeamless scaling of performance and capacity
Support and ServicesComprehensive support and maintenance services

By understanding the technical specifications of the Hitachi VSP E790, businesses can appreciate the sophisticated engineering and advanced features that make it an outstanding choice for modern data infrastructure needs. The combination of high-performance hardware, innovative storage technologies, and comprehensive management tools positions the VSP E790 as a solution that can significantly enhance data storage, protection, and efficiency.

In the next section, we’ll explore the pricing and reviews of the VSP E790, offering insights into its market positioning and customer experiences. This information will further aid potential buyers in making an informed decision when considering the VSP E790 for their storage needs.

What are the differences between hitachi vsp e790 and e590

The Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) E790 and E590 differ primarily in processing power. The VSP E790 is equipped with four 16-core CPUs, while the VSP E590 has four 6-core processors. This difference in processing power impacts the performance capabilities of the two systems. Additionally, the VSP E790 offers a higher maximum raw capacity of 144PB compared to the VSP E590, which scales to 360TB of raw NVMe flash. Both systems are part of Hitachi’s midrange block arrays based on NVMe flash technology, with the VSP E790 designed to meet the storage needs of large enterprises, while the VSP E590 is engineered for midsized organizations

What is the maximum number of drives that can be connected to Hitachi VSP e790 and e590 ?

The Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) E790 and E590 support a maximum of 264 drives, which can be a combination of flash drives and hard drives. The E790 and E590 are designed to accommodate various drive types, including SAS SSDs, NVMe SSDs, and NL-SAS HDDs. The specific configuration of the drives can vary based on the storage requirements and performance needs of the organization. Additionally, the maximum number of storage systems that can be connected to one unit storage system depends on the models, with a maximum of 64 units being connectable

Can hitachi vsp e790 and e590 be connected to other storage systems ?

Yes, both the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) E790 and E590 can be connected to other storage systems. The VSP E Series, which includes the E790 and E590, supports the clustering of up to 65 systems, a feature called Virtual Storage Scale Out (VSSO). This allows the VSP E Series solution to be used as a single virtual system to host, delivering federated management, data protection, and other capabilities. The VSP E Series is designed to work with Hitachi’s Ops Center Suite and offers inherent virtualization and global-active device (GAD) capabilities, enabling it to be connected to and integrated with other storage systems

Pricing and Reviews

Understanding the pricing and customer reviews of the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E790 (VSP E790) is crucial for potential buyers. This section will delve into the cost considerations and share insights from users who have experienced the VSP E790 firsthand.


When considering the VSP Hitachi E790, it’s important to note that pricing can vary based on several factors:

  • Configuration: The cost will depend on the specific configuration chosen, including the amount of storage, type of hardware components, and additional features or services.
  • Support and Services: Ongoing support and maintenance services are critical for the long-term success of any storage solution. The pricing for these services should be considered as part of the total cost of ownership.
  • Discounts and Offers: Businesses should look out for promotional offers, volume discounts, or special pricing available through Hitachi or its partners, which can significantly reduce the initial investment.

While the initial cost might be a consideration, it’s essential to look at the VSP E790 as a long-term investment that can lead to substantial savings in terms of efficiency, reliability, and scalability.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews provide valuable insights into the real-world performance and reliability of the VSP E790. Common themes among user feedback include:

  • Performance: Many users praise the VSP E790 for its high-speed performance and low latency, which have significantly improved their operations and data processing capabilities.
  • Reliability: Customers frequently mention the reliability of the VSP E790, noting its robust data protection features and consistent performance as key advantages.
  • Scalability: The ability to easily scale storage capacity and performance as needed is often highlighted as a significant benefit, allowing businesses to grow without worrying about storage limitations.
  • Support: Positive experiences with Hitachi’s support team are commonly reported, with users appreciating the prompt and helpful service they receive.
  • Value: While the initial investment might be higher than some alternatives, many customers feel that the VSP Hitachi E790 offers excellent value for money, considering its performance, features, and reliability.

It’s important for potential buyers to read a range of reviews to get a balanced understanding of the VSP E790’s strengths and any areas where it might not meet specific needs or expectations.

In the next section, we’ll provide a detailed guide on how to buy the Hitachi VSP E790, outlining the different purchasing options and steps involved in acquiring this advanced storage solution for your business. This information will help streamline the buying process and ensure you make the best decision for your data infrastructure needs.

How to Buy VSP Hitachi E790

Purchasing the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E790 (VSPHitachi E790) involves several steps and considerations. This section provides a detailed guide on the different purchasing options and the process involved in acquiring this advanced storage solution for your business.

Understanding Your Needs

Before making a purchase, it’s crucial to assess your business’s specific storage needs, including capacity, performance requirements, and budget constraints. This assessment will help you choose the right configuration and services for your VSP E790.

Purchasing Options

  • Direct from Hitachi: You can purchase the VSP E790 directly from Hitachi Vantara. This option often provides access to comprehensive support and services, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.
  • Authorized Resellers: Hitachi partners with various authorized resellers who can provide the VSP E790. Resellers might offer additional services or localized support, which can be beneficial.
  • Leasing and Financing Options: For businesses not looking to make a full upfront purchase, leasing or financing the VSP E790 might be a viable option. This approach can provide more flexibility and potentially lower initial costs.

Step-by-Step Guide to Buying

  1. Contact Sales or a Reseller: Initiate the process by reaching out to Hitachi Vantara sales or an authorized reseller. They can provide detailed product information, pricing, and answer any questions you might have.
  2. Discuss Requirements and Get a Quote: Share your specific storage needs and requirements. The sales team will help you configure the VSP E790 to match your needs and provide a quote based on the configuration and services you choose.
  3. Review the Quote: Carefully review the provided quote and ensure it meets all your requirements. This is also the time to ask questions or request changes.
  4. Finalize the Purchase: Once you’re satisfied with the quote and configuration, you can proceed with the purchase. This might involve signing a purchase agreement and arranging payment.
  5. Implementation and Support: After purchasing, you’ll coordinate with Hitachi or the reseller to schedule delivery and implementation. Make sure to understand the support and maintenance services available to you as part of your purchase.

Post-Purchase Considerations

  • Installation and Setup: Plan for the installation and setup of your VSP E790. Hitachi Vantara or your reseller can provide guidance and support during this phase.
  • Training: Consider training for your team to ensure they can fully utilize the features and management tools of the VSP Hitachi E790.
  • Ongoing Support: Familiarize yourself with the ongoing support and maintenance services to keep your VSP Hitachi E790 running smoothly.

Purchasing the Hitachi VSP E790 is a significant decision that can transform your data infrastructure. By following this guide and working closely with Hitachi Vantara or an authorized reseller, you can ensure a smooth purchasing and implementation process, leading to long-term benefits for your business.

In the final section, we’ll address some frequently asked questions about the VSP E790, providing additional clarity and information to help you in your decision-making process.


When considering the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E790 (VSP E790), potential buyers often have questions. This section aims to address some of the most frequently asked questions based on common inquiries and concerns.

Is the VSP Hitachi E790 suitable for small businesses?

While the VSP E790 is designed with midsize to large enterprises in mind, its scalability and efficiency can make it a viable option for small businesses with high data demands and growth plans. Assessing your specific storage needs and growth trajectory is crucial when considering this investment.

Hitachi e790 error codes

What makes the VSP E790 different from its competitors?

The VSP E790 stands out due to its combination of high-performance NVMe technology, robust data protection features, and advanced management tools. Its emphasis on reliability, efficiency, and scalability makes it a preferred choice for businesses looking to future-proof their data infrastructure.

Can I upgrade my existing storage system to a VSP E790?

Upgrading to a VSP E790 from an existing system is possible and is often a smooth process, thanks to Hitachi’s data migration tools and support services. However, the specifics depend on your current system and requirements, so consulting with a Hitachi representative is advisable.

How does Hitachi ensure the security of data stored on the VSP E790?

The VSP E790 includes comprehensive security features such as data encryption, secure erasure, and access controls. Hitachi is committed to data security and continuously updates its systems to address emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

What is the typical lifespan of the VSP Hitachi E790?

The lifespan of the VSP E790 can vary based on usage, environment, and maintenance. However, with proper care and regular updates, it can serve your data storage needs reliably for many years. Hitachi also provides support and maintenance services to extend the system’s operational life.

Are there any hidden costs with the VSP Hitachi E790?

While the VSP E790’s pricing is transparent, it’s important to consider potential costs beyond the initial purchase, such as installation, training, and ongoing support and maintenance services. Discussing these aspects with your sales representative will provide a clearer picture of the total cost of ownership.

By addressing these FAQs, we hope to have provided additional clarity and information to assist in your decision-making process. The Hitachi VSP E790 represents a significant investment in your data infrastructure, and understanding all aspects of its operation, benefits, and costs is crucial.

As we conclude this article, remember that choosing a storage solution like the VSP E790 is about more than just technical specifications and pricing. It’s about partnering with a provider that understands your business’s unique needs and can offer the support and innovation you require to grow and succeed in the digital era.

Hitachi E-Series Datasheet

Product nameHitachi Virtual Storage Platform E390Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E590Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E790Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E990Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E1090Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E390HHitachi Virtual Storage Platform E590HHitachi Virtual Storage Platform E790HHitachi Virtual Storage Platform E1090H
Model nameHT-40SL-E390HT-40SK-E590HT-40SJ-E790HT-40SH-E990HT-40SM-E1090AHT-40SL-E390HHT-40SK-E590HHT-40SJ-E790HHT-40SM-E1090H
host interfacetypeFiber Channel: up to 32Gbps or iSCSI: up to 10Gbps
Number of ports
Fiber Channel
16twenty four64 *116twenty four64 *1
10Gbps iSCSI (10GBASE-SR/10GBASE-T/1000BASE-T)81232 *281232 *2
25Gbps iSCSI (10GBASE-SR/25GBASE-SR) *31224 *41224 *4
support flash driveNVMe drive1.9TB/3.8TB/7.6TB/15TB1.9TB/3.8TB/7.6TB/15TB/30TB1.9TB/3.8TB/7.6TB/15TB1.9TB/3.8TB/7.6TB/15TB/30TB
SAS drive *51.9TB/3.8TB/7.6TB/15TB/30TB1.9TB/3.8TB/7.6TB/15TB/30TB
support disk driveSAS drive *52.4TB
Nearline SAS drive *56TB/10TB/14TB/18TB
maximum capacityArray system internal storage *66,139TB (5,583TiB)6,500TB (5,912TiB)2,889TB (2,627TiB)23,113TB (21,021TiB)8,819TB (8,021TiB)9,180TB (8,349TiB)23,113TB (21,021TiB)
array system external storage72PB (64PiB)144PB (128PiB)216PB (192PiB)287PB (255PiB)72PB (64PiB)144PB (128PiB)216PB (192PiB)287PB (255PiB)
Maximum cache memory capacity192GiB384GiB768GiB1,024GiB192GiB384GiB768GiB1,024GiB
Support RAID levelRAID1 (2D+2D, 4D+4D) *7 , RAID5 (2D+1P to 8D+1P, (7D+1P)2 concatenated, (7D+1P)4 concatenated) *8 , RAID6 (4D+2P, 6D+ 2P, 8D+2P, 10D+2P, 12D+2P, 14D+2P) *8
Power input (AC) *9Single phase 100V/200VSingle phase 200VSingle phase 100V/200VSingle phase 200V
Controller chassis specificationsNumber of EIA standard units *102Four2Four
External dimensions (W x D x H) *11482×852×87mm483×809×175mm482×852×87mm483×809×175mm
Mass (maximum) *1240kg75kg40kg75kg
Power requiredRated power *13980VA (940W) or less1,960VA (1,840W) or less1,600VA (1,560W) or less980VA (940W) or less1,960VA (1,840W) or less1,600VA (1,560W) or less
Power consumption *14720W or less1,180W or less1,380W or less1,130W or less720W or less1,180W or less1,380W or less1,130W or less
Noise level (LpAm) *15During operation70dB *1660dB *1770dB *1660dB *17
Display based on the Energy Saving Act
(2023 regulations)
Category VEnergy consumption efficiency *180.0006120.0006890.0006890.000606
Storage capacity at maximum configuration (GB)8,160,0008,160,0008,160,00016,320,000
Disk drive types and number of installed disk drives3.5 type 18TB
7.2Krpm 480 units
3.5 type 18TB
7.2Krpm 480 units
3.5 type 18TB
7.2Krpm 480 units
3.5 type 18TB
7.2Krpm 960 units
Category VIEnergy consumption efficiency *180.0056220.0070500.0070500.004897
Storage capacity at maximum configuration (GB)442,560442,560442,5601,770,240
Disk drive types and number of installed disk drives2.5 type 2.4TB
10Krpm 192 units
2.5 type 2.4TB
10Krpm 192 units
2.5 type 2.4TB
10Krpm 192 units

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform Vs. Dell Enterprise Storage

When it comes to midrange storage systems, not all options are created equal. In this blog post, we will be comparing Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) with Dell Enterprise Storage, specifically focusing on the VSP E Series Midrange and Dell PowerMax 8500.

Hitachi VSP Dominates in Reliability, Availability & Serviceability

One notable accolade that sets Hitachi VSP apart is its consistent performance in the Gartner Critical Capabilities Reports. In fact, VSP has earned the highest rating of 4.5 for “Reliability, Availability & Serviceability” for an impressive 9 years in a row. This proven track record speaks volumes about Hitachi’s dedication to providing a reliable and robust storage solution for businesses of all sizes.

Outperforming Dell PowerMax 8500

When comparing the VSP E Series Midrange with Dell PowerMax 8500, the Hitachi solution comes out on top in several key areas. Let’s delve deeper into these comparisons to understand why Hitachi is the superior choice.

Data File IOPS: Millions of IOPS

IOPS, or Input/Output operations Per Second, is an important metric that indicates the speed and efficiency of a storage system. The VSP E1090 and E790 models from Hitachi both outshine Dell’s PowerMax 8500 in terms of data file IOPS. With Hitachi, you can expect faster and more responsive data retrieval and processing, which translates to improved overall performance for your business.

VSP E1090 vs. Dell PowerMax and PowerStore

In addition to superior IOPS, the VSP E1090 model from Hitachi also stands tall against both Dell PowerMax and PowerStore. This means that Hitachi offers a more comprehensive and efficient storage solution that can meet the demanding needs of modern businesses.

Going Beyond Storage Solutions

While storage performance is undoubtedly a crucial factor in choosing the right midrange storage system, it’s important to consider the bigger picture. Hitachi offers a holistic approach to data management and storage, empowering businesses to leverage their data effectively.

Explore Hitachi’s Product Range

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform 5000 Series and EverFlex are just a couple of the many solutions offered by Hitachi Vantara. These products complement the VSP E Series Midrange, ensuring that businesses have a well-rounded technology ecosystem that can support their evolving needs.

Get Support and Training

Hitachi understands that implementing a new storage solution can be complex. That’s why they provide extensive support and training resources to their customers. Whether you’re looking for technical assistance or want to enhance your team’s knowledge through training, Hitachi has got you covered.

When pitting Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform against Dell Enterprise Storage, it’s clear that Hitachi emerges as the superior option, especially in the midrange storage category. With its exceptional reliability, impressive performance, and comprehensive approach to data management, Hitachi VSP proves to be a top-notch choice for businesses looking to optimize their storage infrastructure.

Whether you’re a small business or an enterprise-level organization, investing in Hitachi’s storage solutions can provide the scalability, performance, and peace of mind you need to thrive in today’s data-driven world.


As we wrap up our comprehensive guide on the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E790 (VSP E790), let’s revisit the key points that make this storage solution a compelling choice for businesses looking to enhance their data infrastructure.

The VSP E790 stands out in the storage solution market for its:

  • High-Performance Capabilities: With advanced NVMe technology and high-speed processors, the VSP Hitachi E790 ensures that businesses can handle demanding data workloads with ease, offering low latency and high throughput.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: The ability to scale resources as needed allows businesses to grow without the constraints of their storage infrastructure. The VSP E790’s scalability ensures that your investment is future-proof.
  • Robust Data Protection: With comprehensive security features and data protection capabilities, the VSP E790 provides peace of mind, ensuring that your critical data is safe and recoverable in any scenario.
  • Operational Efficiency: Through advanced management tools and energy-saving technologies, the VSP E790 not only improves your data infrastructure’s performance but also reduces its total cost of ownership.
  • Support and Services: Hitachi’s commitment to support and customer service ensures that businesses have the resources and assistance they need to get the most out of their VSP Hitachi E790.

As you consider upgrading or implementing a new data storage solution, the Hitachi VSP E790 offers a blend of performance, reliability, and value that can meet the demanding needs of modern data environments. Whether you’re managing large volumes of data, require high-speed data processing, or need a scalable and efficient system, the VSP E790 is designed to address these challenges head-on.

Remember, the journey to enhancing your data infrastructure is ongoing, and the VSP Hitachi E790 is a tool that can evolve and grow with your business. By choosing the Hitachi VSP E790, you’re not just investing in a product; you’re partnering with a leader in technology innovation that is committed to supporting your business’s growth and success.

We encourage readers to further explore the VSP Hitachi E790 and engage with Hitachi Vantara representatives to discuss how this platform can specifically benefit your organization. With the right information and a strategic approach, the Hitachi VSP E790 can be a pivotal addition to your data infrastructure, driving performance, efficiency, and growth for years to come.

Component list

Model numberDescriptionQuantity
DW900-CBSN2U chassis1
Binder (two types)4
DW-F900-EQRR1Optional Earthquake Resistivity Bracket1
DW-F850-CBSFB2Front bezel (2U)1
DKC-F910I-1R9RVM1.9 TB, 12 Gbps, SFF, NVMe flash drive0-24
DKC-F910I-3R8RVM3.8 TB, 12 Gbps, SFF, NVMe flash drive0-24
DKC-F910I-7R6RVM7.6 TB, 12 Gbps, SFF, NVMe flash drive0-24
DKC-F910I-15RRVM15 TB, 12 Gbps, SFF, NVMe flash drive0-24
DKC-F910I-30RRVM30 TB, 12 Gbps, SFF, NVMe flash drive0-24
DW-F900-CTLSNController board2
DW-F900-CTLSNEEncrypting controller board2
DW-F900-CTLMNController board2
DW-F900-CTLMNEEncrypting controller board2
DW-F900-CM32GCache memory (32 GB)12-24
DW-F900-BM70Cache flash memory non-encrypted (CFM)2
DW-F900-BM7ECache flash memory with encryption (CFM)2
DW-F900-2HS10SFront-end module (also know as a channel board) (10-Gbps SFP optic-iSCSI)2-6
DW-F900-2HS10BFront-end module (10-Gbps copper-iSCSI)2-6
DW-F900-4HF32RFront-end module (32/16-Gbps 4port-FC)2-6
DKC-F810I-1PS16SFP for 16 Gbps Shortwave0-24
DKC-F810I-1PL16SFP for 16 Gbps Longwave0-24
DKC-F810I-1PS32SFP for 32 Gbps Longwave0-24
Model numberDescriptionQuantity
DW-F1000-DBSE2U chassis1
Power supply unit12
Front bezel (2U)1
Notes:DW-F1000-DBSE has an 80 PLUS PLATINUM power supply.
Model numberDescriptionQuantity
DKC-F810I-2R4JGM2.4 TB, TLC 8 Gbps, SAS drive0-24
DKC-F810I-1T9MGM1.9 TB, TLC 8 Gbps, SAS drive0-24
DKC-F810I-3R8MGM3.8 TB, TLC 8 Gbps, SAS drive0-24
DKC-F810I-7R6MGM7.6 TB, TLC 8 Gbps, SAS drive0-24
DKC-F810I-15RMGM15 TB, TLC 8 Gbps, SAS drive0-24
DKC-F810I-30RMGM30 TB, TLC 8 Gbps, SAS drive0-24
Model numberDescriptionQuantity
DW-F1000-DBS22U chassis1
Power supply unit12
Front bezel (2U)1
Notes:DW-F1000-DBS2 has an 80 PLUS GOLD power supply.
Model numberDescriptionQuantity
DKC-F810I-2R4JGM2.4 TB, TLC 8 Gbps, SAS drive0-24
DKC-F810I-1T9MGM1.9 TB, TLC 8 Gbps, SAS drive0-24
DKC-F810I-3R8MGM3.8 TB, TLC 8 Gbps, SAS drive0-24
DKC-F810I-7R6MGM7.6 TB, TLC 8 Gbps, SAS drive0-24
DKC-F810I-15RMGM15 TB, TLC 8 Gbps, SAS drive0-24
DKC-F810I-30RMGM30 TB, TLC 8 Gbps, SAS drive0-24
Model numberDescriptionQuantity
DW-F1000-DBLE2U chassis1
Power supply unit12
Front bezel (2U)1
Notes:DW-F1000-DBLE has an 80 PLUS PLATINUM power supply.
Model numberDescriptionQuantity
DKC-F810I-6R0H9M6 TB, TLC 8 Gbps, SAS drive0-12
DKC-F810I-10RH9M10 TB, TLC 8 Gbps, SAS drive0-12
DKC-F810I-14RH9M14 TB, TLC 8 Gbps, SAS drive0-12
Model numberDescriptionQuantity
DW-F1000-DB604U chassis1
Power supply unit12
Front bezel (4U)1
Notes:DW-F1000-DB60E has a GOLD power supply.
Model numberDescriptionQuantity
DKC-F810I-2R4J8M2.4 TB, TLC 8 Gbps, SAS drive0-60
DKC-F810I-6R0HLM6 TB, TLC 8 Gbps, SAS drive0-60
DKC-F810I-10RHLM10 TB, TLC 8 Gbps, SAS drive0-60
DKC-F810I-14RHLM14 TB, TLC 8 Gbps, SAS drive0-60

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