Occasional Storage Digest: Couchbase, Delphix, Excelero, Kioxia, and Wasabi

A Deep Dive into Couchbase, Delphix, Excelero, Kioxia, and Wasabi

In today’s digital world, businesses are constantly seeking efficient and cost-effective storage solutions to manage their data. This article takes a closer look at five occasional storage providers: Couchbase, Delphix, Excelero, Kioxia, and Wasabi. These companies offer innovative solutions to help organizations optimize their storage infrastructure.

1. Couchbase:
Couchbase is a leading NoSQL database provider that offers a document-oriented database system. Its flagship product, Couchbase Server, is designed for high performance, scalability, and flexibility. Couchbase’s occasional storage solution, Sync Gateway, enables real-time data synchronization between the edge and the cloud. This feature is particularly useful for mobile and IoT applications that require offline data access.

2. Delphix:
Delphix is a data masking and virtualization platform that simplifies the management of database environments. Its occasional storage solution, Delphix Dynamic Data Masking, provides data security by masking sensitive data at the database level. Delphix’s solution is compatible with various databases, including Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server.

3. Excelero:
Excelero is a software-defined block storage company that offers a high-performance, scalable, and distributed file system. Its occasional storage solution, NFS-on-NVMe, enables organizations to leverage the performance benefits of NVMe storage over the NFS protocol. Excelero’s solution is ideal for applications that require low latency and high throughput, such as AI/ML, HPC, and database workloads.

4. Kioxia:
Kioxia, formerly known as Toshiba Memory Corporation, is a leading flash memory manufacturer that offers a range of storage solutions. Its occasional storage solution, the BiCS FLASH, is a 3D flash memory technology that delivers high capacity, performance, and endurance. Kioxia’s solution is suitable for various applications, including data centers, consumer electronics, and automotive.

5. Wasabi:
Wasabi is a hot cloud storage company that offers an object storage solution designed for the cloud. Its occasional storage solution, Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage, provides fast, affordable, and reliable storage for businesses. Wasabi’s solution is ideal for backup and archiving, media and entertainment, and IoT applications.

In conclusion, Couchbase, Delphix, Excelero, Kioxia, and Wasabi offer innovative occasional storage solutions that cater to various use cases and industries. These companies’ offerings help organizations optimize their storage infrastructure, improve performance, and enhance data security. By choosing the right occasional storage solution, businesses can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and gain a competitive edge in their respective markets.